Evgeny Molodtsov
Contemporary artist
Evgeny Molodtsov
Russian, born 1987 in Penza, based in Saint Petersburg
E-mail: emolodtsov@gmail.com
Tel.: +7 (967) 343-64-92
Website: emolodtsov.com/en

I was born in Penza, spent all my childhood in the Tula region, studied in Moscow, in Italy and now I live in St. Petersburg. I can confidently classify myself as an ethnic Russian, but I can't call myself a Tulyak, a Penzenets, a Muscovite or a Petersburger. So I can't identify my affiliation with the local / regional identity group. Perhaps the reason is that my family lost contact with their native territory, its roots. For example, my grandfather and father were the militaries, which were distributed in the direction of military service. In Russian and Soviet history, there are many other reasons why people lose their connection and the binding to the native place, are forced to leave their city or village. There are numerous turning points in Russian history - the Civil and the Great Patriotic War, the repression, the big Soviet constructions, Rearrangement and etc. The facts of my biography influenced a lot on the formation of my art practice and the theme of my projects. Studying the identity through the deconstruction, appropriation and performative practices, I try to reach the self-identification and understand what it means to be a Russian or someone else.

2012-2015 – Fotodepartament Institute, PostPhotography course. Saint Petersburg.
2011-2012 – University of Bologna (Italy), doctorate internship in Economics under Erasmus Mundus programme.
2004-2009 – National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow), World Economy and World Politics.

08.2017 – Personal exhibition "Vepsian forest". International festival of photography "Photoparade in Uglich-2017". Uglich.
12.2016-02.2017 – Personal exhibition "Vepsian forest". Gallery "Fotodepartament". Saint Petersburg.

2017 – "Young photographers of Russia". Project "Vepsian forest". Moscow, Russia.
2016 – Dummy of the project "Temple-200". The photobook exhibition "Special edition. Photobook in Russia". The Museum of Photography "Metenkov's house". Ekaterinburg.
2016 – Exhibition of media-art "Antimuseum". Project «Second Life Album». Electromuseum. Moscow.
2015 – Bitume Photofest. Loop corner. Project «Earth Herbarium». Italy.
2015 – Photofestival "Fotomania-2015". Final exhibition. Project "Temple-200". Kaliningrad.
2015 – "Well-timed". Project "Temple-200". Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA). Biennale «Fashion and Style in the photography-2015». Moscow.
2014 – "Well-timed". Project "Temple-200". Month of Photography in Minsk. Tseh gallery. Minsk, Belarus.
2014 – "Well-timed". Project "Temple-200". Gallery "Fotodepartament". Saint Petersburg.
2013 – Final exhibition of the International Photography Competition «PHOTOVISA 2013». Project «Earth Herbarium». Krasnodar, Russia.

In 2015, 2016 was honored with the Government award in the sphere of culture, the nomination of the Union of photographers of Russia.
2017 – Winner of the contest "Young photographers of Russia". Project "Vepsian forest". Moscow, Russia.
2016 – International photofestival «Photoparade». Grand Prix of the IVth Annual photo contest "Point on the map. Small towns". Project "Vepsian forest". Uglich, Russia.
2015 – International portfolio review. Choice of reviewers. Final show. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2013 – Finalist of the International Photography Competition «PHOTOVISA 2013». Project «Earth Herbarium». Krasnodar, Russia.

2014 – Residency «Photohouse». Parallel program of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art «Manifesta». Gallery "Fotodepartament". Saint Petersburg.

Project «Vepsian forest». Issue 82 "Identity & Community". 2017.
Project «Earth Herbarium». Landscape stories №25 | Altered Landscape. 2017.

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Article «From irony to sincerity». FMagazine. 2016.
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In his projects Evgeny Molodtsov researches the theme of self-identification and identity, lays out the identity of the nation to the images and symbols ("Via Garibaldi" project), studies how the basic attributes of Russian culture are transformed (project "Temple 200"), tries to identify itself through the appropriation of another's identity (project "Vepsian forest"). His works are multi-layered and often include not only photos and video, but also performances and installations, linked to a particular place. Thus, in the project "Vepsian forest" Evgeny infiltrated in abandoned Vepsian villages and using performative practice, tried to become one of the Vepsians to feel part of a vanishing people. The main question that the author raises in his projects - how through the study of identity, its deconstruction and appropriation, to come to self-identification and understanding of how the identity is transformed in the new modern "network" society of "tourists", in which a person begins to experience significant difficulties in determining its connection to a specific geographical place.